Whispers of Summer

The greatest peace my heart has found

Is walking here without a sound

Listening to the Goddess speak to me

Through flowing stream and swaying tree

All woodland creatures seem to sing

A joyous message they do bring

No spoken word disturbs their song

It's here I feel that I belong

I watch the new spring blossoms dance

Butterflies kissing them by chance

A rainbow if from a dream

Floats above the misty stream

The cool grass underneath my feet

Softly inviting with scent so sweet

Morning dew clings to every blade

Like sparkling diamonds in the glade

My spirit lifts as dazzling light

Shines through the trees and all is right

In awe of this enchanting place

Up to the sun I lift my face

The slightest breeze does lift my hair

As if it searched to find me there

Whispers “stay, oh please do stay”

And help us celebrate the day!

  ~ By Dee

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