Quick Circle Casting

I like this circle casting as it is short and to the point. It feels very personal and is slightly different for every person.

Set up for your ritual and make sure you have all the materials you need to hand, there's nothing more distracting than having to leave a circle once it's cast.

Use your athame or wand for this circle casting (personal preference) or if you don't have one of these, you can use your index finger of your dominant hand. Stand in front of your altar or in your sacred space and turn to the direction of the element who presence you are requesting.

I call Air!!

Grant me concentration and knowledge”

I call Fire!!

Grant me passion and energy”

I call Water!!

Grant me spirituality and health”

I call Earth!!

Grant me prosperity and growth”

Say this whilst turning clockwise 3 times in total. The first time you turn, see a silver ribbon fly out of the end of your athame and lay in a sealed circle around you. The second time you turn, the ribbon that flies out will be your favourite colour, this too will lie in a sealed circle around you. The third time you turn, see a gold ribbon come out and do the same. The 3 colours meld together into a shining barrier of light. These ribbons are coming from deep within you and you may feel a slight tug when each ribbon leaves you.

(If you have a favourite circle casting verse or poem, insert it here. I like to think that everyone's circle casting is personal to them so if you can add something special to you in here, all the better.)

When your spell or ritual is complete, make sure you remember to take down the circle. Thank each of the elements whilst turning anti-clockwise 3 times. Each time you turn, one of the ribbons will be drawn back into your athame and back into your body, this should make you feel whole again. Use these words to thank the elements:

I thank [element]!!

Love and protect me from now and forever”


~ By Violet River

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