My Favourite Witchy Books 

This is a list of all the books that I have found useful along my journey. I recommend all of these books, some are a better read for new seekers and some are better for advanced seekers but all are worth a look.

Beginner Books

  • Earth Power (By Scott Cunningham) - Nice and basic with good explanations. Doesn't go very deep so really good for a new seeker. Very nature based so better for someone who lives in the countryside. Lots of focus on the elements and everything earthy.
  • To Ride a Silver Broomstick + To Stir a Magick Cauldron (By Silver RavenWolf) – 2 great books for beginners, these are the ones I started with. They have exercises to start you slowly on the Pagan/Wiccan path. These books are also not very deep so they are simple to understand but at some times can be a little patronising.

  • The Sacred Round (By Elen Hawke) – Another nice book, very practical and down to earth. A short book that gives tasters on many different subjects. Also has a few handy spells and rituals.

  • The Craft (By Dorothy Morrison) – A lovely book, takes you through the start of your path slowly and with exercises to make sure that everything is clear. Not much background information on the craft but lots on the tools and practices that we use. One of my favourite books and a must have.

  • Wicca: A Guide to the Solitary Practitioner (By Scott Cunningham) – A very wordy book with a nice Book of Shadows at the end. A good book full of explanations but a little long winded some times.

  • The Wicca Handbook (By Eileen Holland) – A good book, not very detailed in some areas but gives a little taster of a lot of things so a very full read. Has quite a good section on spell correspondences so is good for a new seeker who wishes to have a go at writing their own spells.

Advanced Books

  • Grimoire For The Green Witch (By Ann Moura) – A heavy book but very informative. Lots of helpful rituals and lovely verses, and plenty of information to help you write your own rituals. A great book, one of my favourites and a must have.

  • The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Witch (By Silver RavenWolf) – A very heavy book packed with information. Some of it a bit unnecessary and overly complicated but useful never the less. A good book which is an interesting read but not essential in my opinion.

  • Craft of the Wild Witch (By Poppy Palin) – A very wordy book but with some lovely verses in. Some good step-by-step exercises. As the title suggests It is more a book for Witches interested in wild witchcraft, very nature based with quite a bit of focus on working with the elements.

  • Natural Magic (By Pamela J. Ball) – Getting to be my favourite book at the moment. Not only does it have spells and verses, it also has some very interesting information on other religions and how they are similar to Paganism. If you like adding good stuff into your personal Book of Shadows, there is loads of stuff in here that you may want to borrow.

Books For Reference/Interest

  • Memory, Wisdom and Healing (By Gabrielle Hatfield) – A history book on the uses of herbs and plants for magick and healing purposes. Very interesting if you enjoy this subject.
  • The Directory of Essential Oils (By Wanda Sellar) – A great reference book if you enjoy working with oils. This book gives descriptions, alternative names, facts and myths, and a lot more on each and every oil. Very good if you like to know more about the oils you are working with than just their uses.

  • The Illustrated Guide to Crystals (By Judy Hall) – A lovely book if you like working with crystals. Nicely illustrated, gives you uses for gems as talismans and tinctures with a nice illustrated directory at the back so you can name any crystals you have just by looking at the pictures and matching one with the stone you have.

  • Herbal Healers (By Glennie Kindred) – A very short book but with useful information on the most popularly used herbs.

  • Animal Magick (By D. J. Conway) – A great book for people who enjoy working with animals. Lets you know their qualities and what benefits you will gain for working with them. Also nice to peek into to find out about your familiar/totem animal.

  • Magical Alphabets (By Nigel Pennick) – An interesting book about the history of magickal alphabets. Just a nice informative read and quite good if you like the idea of writing all your spells in another language so no-one else can read them.

  • Pagan Paths (By Pete Jennings) – A small book which gives an insight into various Pagan Paths (like the name suggests). A good read for anyone doing a bit of research.

~ By Violet River
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