Gems And Their Qualities

These uses are for gems that are going to be worn, carried or used in spells.

  • Amethyst – Dreams, healing, peace, spirituality, meditation

  • Ametrine – Dispels negativity, relieves stress, aids decision making

  • Bloodstone – Cleanses energy and blood, balance, health/healing, strength

  • Blue Lace Agate – Meditation, spiritual inspiration, calm, neutralise anger

  • Carnelian – Career success, protection, courage, saying the right thing at the right time, shield thoughts

  • Citrine – Energy, motivation, success, creativity, inner calm, clear thinking, endurance, personal power

  • Garnet – Inspires love, clears chakras, enhances sexuality, energises, confidence, self-esteem

  • Green Agate – Mental and emotional flexibility, improves decision making

  • Green Jasper – Healing, sleep

  • Haematite – Grounding, protection, balance, reasoning, willpower, focus

  • Kunzite – Balance energy, purification, gives maturity, self-love

  • Malachite – Visualization, prosperity, manifest desires, hope

  • Moonstone – Intuition, calming, emotional stability, empathy

  • Mossy Agate – Cleansing, release anger/frustration, harmony, healing

  • Quartz – Healing, cleansing, repairing aura, meditation, divination, energy (store/direct/focus), psychic powers

  • Red Jasper – Protection, health, strengthen energy, defensive magick

  • Rhodochrosite – Selfless love, spirituality, self-worth, dreams, calms paranoia, attracts soul mate

  • Rhodonite – Self esteem, helps wearer achieve highest potential, balancing, aids confidence, lifts confusion

  • Rose Quartz – True love, romance, companionship, comfort, heart chakra

  • Smokey Quartz – Balances/purifies energy, lifts depression

  • Snow Quartz – Peace, meditation, serenity, contemplation, letting go, learning lessons

  • Sodalite – Logic, wisdom, intellect, eliminates confusion, rational thought, truth, objectivity

  • Unakite – Grounding, balance, stability

~ By Violet River

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