Finding Your Familiar

Use this meditation if you are in need of a familiar or spirit guide. Sometimes an animal will present itself to you whilst you are just going about your day to day activities and sometimes you will have to go looking for it. This is a very simple meditation but just bear in mind that it may take a few attempts at this meditation to get your familiar to reveal itself to you, for several different reasons.

You may wish to have music, darkness and candles or you may wish to be sat in the sunshine of your garden. Sit yourself comfortably in the way that you prefer for meditating and close your eyes.

Transport yourself to your astral sanctuary if you have one. If you don't, our mind will create a suitable place. I often find that it ends up being a clearing in the middle of a dense forest with a clear view of the sky. Find a rock and sit on it and wait patiently. This is the bit that may work the first time or it may take a few attempts. You will see shadows of different animals moving around you, dark indistinct shapes that float quickly away, maybe just at the corner of your vision. Don't be afraid, these are just other familiars that wander the astral plains and that aren't meant for you. If you just wait patiently then eventually, one shape will harden and become recognisable as a certain animal. Stand up and beckon to it with a smile and a sense of love in your heart. If you want to, visualize some suitable food and offer it to the animal to tempt it forward.

If the animal comes forward, take your time with it, don't grab it or chase it, treat it with respect and love. If it will let you touch it then do. This part of the meditation is all very much down to the individual who is doing it as no-one can say what will happen. Try talking to it and listening to what it says and eventually at the end if you are comfortable with it and you both agree, ask it to be your familiar and your guide and to stay by your side.

If the animal runs away or you decide that you do not belong together then bid it farewell and make sure to thank it for taking the time to visit you. Whatever you do, don't rush this meditation. You do not want to end up with a familiar that you are not suited to. This may happen several times before you find a suitable animal, don't be afraid to leave the meditation and try again another time.

When you have found your familiar, try to communicate with it regularly, leave it food in your garden as an offering and always feel that it is there protecting and guiding you.

~ By Violet River

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