Bath Salt Recipe

I felt that I had to put this on my site as I've always wanted to be able to make my own bath salts and when I saw this it made me so very happy. My many thanks go to the author of this because it is just what I was looking for and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it with others.

Things You Will Need

3 Parts Epsom Salts

2 Parts baking soda

1 Part rock salt

Mixing bowl

Essential oils of your choice

Handful of herbs (optional)

Natural food colouring


Mix the first three ingredients thoroughly in the mixing bowl. Use your hands as this will enable you to imbue the salts with your own energy. This is your basic mixture and can be perfumed or coloured in any way that you please.

Note: It is wise when using more than on kind of essential oil to blend them before adding them to the salts so that they have a chance to meld.

Add the colouring first and mix to your satisfaction, the follow with your oil or blend one drop at a time. Next, add the herbs to the mixture and combine thoroughly. Be generous with the oils as the salts will absorb a surprising amount.

When you use wish to use your salts, add approximately 2 tablespoons to a full bath tub and mix well.

~ From 'Natural Magic' by Pamela J. Ball


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