Attract Money


A Thursday or Sunday during a waxing moon


Dish of dry soil (stuff from the ground, not from a garden centre)

Small chunk of malachite

Dry ginger

Green candle

Small piece of cloth and a length of wool/small tub/small jar (You just need one of these, small enough to keep on your person. If possible it should be gold or green in colour)


First of all, cast your circle and call your chosen deities. I haven't written these down here as everyone has their own preferred methods.

Whilst you sit quietly and prepare for the ritual, take the green candle and hold it between your hands. Caress it and stroke it. Close your eyes and visualise yourself in the financial situation you wish to be in. See yourself paying all your bills, buying enough food for yourself and your family and with reduced stress. Don't see yourself winning the lottery, it wont work, the visualisation has to be reasonable.

Light the green candle and place it in the middle of your altar and place the dish of soil in front of it, in the candles light. Take your athame and draw the rune Osa over the top of it (or in it if you don't mind getting your athame tip a bit dirty). Place the chunk of malachite in the middle of the dish and sprinkle some of the dry ginger over the top of it.

Cup your hands around the dish and half close your eyes. See the light from the green candle flowing down and being absorbed by the soil. Watch the soil start to glow green, brighter and brighter until it is unbearable to look at. Bring your hands together and push that bright light into the soil until it is contained.

Pour this mixture into whatever vessel you chose and secure it. Carry it with you wherever you go and once a day, hold it in your hands and remember the image you conjured at the beginning of the ritual whilst you were empowering the candle. Carry this charm with you for 1 cycle of the moon, and then destroy it (you can use the stone again, bury the rest). If you have not had results during the cycle, feel free to perform the ritual again. Results come to the patient so do despair if the first charm doesn't work out.


~ By Violet River

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